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At this page, we give you an overview of our international courses


EXAMPLE of a 15 weeks Pig Production Management Program
We can proudly present a 15 weeks intensive program and certification, which is swifting between lecturing and farm internship. In the 15 weeks you have approximately 28 lessons per week. The program finishes with a production and management test. If test is passed, certificate is achieved. Price for this 15 weeks program is 14,000 euro including board and lodging.
You can find an example of the curriculum of the 15 weeks program – here.
This program is NOT OPEN FOR ENTRY.

1-2 weeks Intensive Management Programs
If you are a foreign production manager, farmer/owner or university teacher, you can with advantage join this program, since it applies to directors, top management, board members and investors in pig productions worldwide.
The purpose of this program is: Processing considerations, inspirering and aiming for decision taking before investing, developing or changing a production. At the same time getting first hand knowledge of Danish pig production best practice to implement.
The program contents: Dalum Academy and Agricultural Business lecturers and external experts giving a sum-up and recommendations from Danish pig production standards, regarding the participating companies needs. Visiting agricultural businesses and enterprises along with workshops and brainstorms, bringing in individual farm issues to debate.
This program is tailor-made for participants’ needs, caused by the experienced specific need of knowlegde depending on the groups case.
You can see an example of a 1 week program – here.

4-12 weeks Short Term Agricultural Introduction Programs
If you are a unit manager, managing operator or highly educated ag science with a major in animal production minimum 2 years related work experience – we can offer you this program.
The purpose of this program is: Aiming to be able to independantly taking care of a pig production, using latest knowledge – or getting new inputs to bring Danish pig production best practice to use.
The program contents: Dalum Academy and Agricultural Business lecturers in cooperation with internship hosts providing knowledge and tools to secure a high standard production level. Participants becoming specialists on their field with a holistic approach, also understanding how to implement and embed changes. Getting a unigue chance to interact, benchmark and exchange good practice with fellow students along the course, and years after. Participants are rewarded with a certificate/diploma after passing final test.
You can see an example of a 4 weeks program – here.

8-10 months Livestock Programs
You can see an example of a 10 months program – hereAnd you can look at the video to the right, which shows you an example of this program.

Diploma Programs
The increasing complexity of agricultural production calls for approved education at all levels. We can offer you diploma programs with the following headlines: Manage multiple production units on same location, Strong economic understanding, Optimize productivity in all units, International economy and politics, Personal leadership, Innovation and strategy. And the program finishes with ECTS points at Academy/Diploma level. In these programs we can i.a. offer you lessons in leadership, organisation or economics on diploma level, depending on the needs or wishes from the customer.

MBA Agricultural Programs
Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business together with London South Bank University and IBA Kolding (International Business Academy) offer you Master of Business Administration Programs. You can see more in this booklet – here.

Precision AG at Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business
At Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business, we offer education within Precision Agriculture (AG). It goes hand in hand with sustainability regardless of whether we talk about surplus, environmental protection, climate change and feed the growing population on the planet. The notion Precision AG is up in time now, and many farmers worldwide have already – or are just about to implement it more or less. Therefore, we at Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business see it as natural and indeed our duty to offer this subject beside our other international activities. We are at the very forefront within Precision AG – we have facilities and trained teachers, so you will get state of the art education. Today, we train Danish agricultural production leaders in Precision AG. The course will be tailored your request – so if you want more or less of something, we can customize it. It could be a 1, 2 or a 3 weeks course or part of a full line agricultural education.

What are your benefits?
At Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business you will gain knowledge about the technology, it takes to fully get the benefit of Precision AG. Therefore, you will learn about taking action on the varieties within the fields. We provide knowledge about data acquisition such as scout the field, hand drawing on maps, soil samplings and the use of different sensors in the fields including yieldata-sensors in the combine, different NDVI-sensors, satellite image, handheld sensors, and even data from our own fixed wing drone. With our drone, we can also measure terrain codes for drainage, buildings, stockpiles of different commodities within 2 cm accuracy, and that will be part of your training, too, if required.

You will learn how to import, clean and analyze data to and understandable level. After analyzing the data, you will get experience in working out a Variety Rate Application map (VRA). You will learn to draw guidance lines, points, feature areas etc. You will learn to export the data to a terminal (tractor) or other machine for planting, fertilizing, liming and spraying, and to import data from terminals to PC. In class, we use online satellite program Cropsat, PIX 4D, Farm Works and Trimble FMX simulator. We have access to a lot of data, we can use in our training, and even better if you have your own data, we urge you to bring that, too.

We do it in a holistic way – that means we will discuss professionalism during the course, because Precision AG is not an automatic thing, but a subject that takes skilled people to handle.

Finally, to prove you have succeeded and have gained skill within Precision AG, you will get a diploma from Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business, which is highly recognized around the globe.

Contact … Mr Klaus Fuglsang for joining the Precision AG course or for further information – phone: +45 51 92 85 89, e-mail: kfr@dalumls.dk.

Mr Fuglsang is one of our specialist teachers in technology, machines and economy.

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